MediTech Data International Inc. (Los Angeles, USA) & MediTech Data International Private Limited (Colombo, Sri Lanka) was established in 2005. When we started MediTech Data International Inc., Our vision was simple: Be the most trusted and respected Information Technology firm in Southern California with a reputation for reliability, innovation, and a commitment to customer service. That vision remains just as strong today as it did back then. We have made it a point to hire as our team members the brightest and most talented people with whom we could share this vision. 
MediTech Data International Inc. continues to provide:
• IT Consulting Services
• Application Design & Development

• IT Support Services
• IT Cyber Security & Advanced Networks
• IT Infrastructure & Cable Management
• IT Backup and Data Recovery
And solutions for medical IT infrastructure, ePHI maintenance, and EMR / EHR IT. We provide support for small or medium size healthcare businesses, such as skilled nursing facilities, medical groups, hospitalist groups, imaging centers, medical clinics adult-pediatric, urgent care facilities and hospitals in Southern California.
We have always had a passion for computer technology and a fascination for what makes businesses of all types successful. We have been actively involved in Information Technology for over 12 years and specialized in the field of information technology serving the healthcare sector. MediTech Data is a stable business with a strong reputation for honesty and reliable work.
MDi want to continue to work towards promoting MDi businesses by incorporating new techniques to provide business solutions for operating effectively in the emerging global technology environment by adding AI, Block-Chain, and Data Analytics science. Recently we developed an innovative app marketed through the Apple store, which is crucial to the operations in the medical establishment and related sectors. Also there are number of ongoing development projects.
In addition to providing IT services to healthcare facilities, we are introducing e-Life America products and solutions for APP design and development, with full stack engineering, for iOS, Android & Progressive Web Apps to accommodate changing online business strategies. We are highly motivated and have a strong sense of determination to move forward in our professional growth. We are creative and have shown innovation in providing a wide array of solutions for healthcare business across southern California. Our goal is to build powerful mobile apps and engaging products for tomorrow’s businesses.
Dilip N. Jay
Founder - MDi | e Life America
Direct: 626-736-6373
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